Stress Management Therapy

For decades, stress has been considered America’s #1 Health Problem

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Stress triggers are everywhere in our world,

from work to the economy, family, health, finances, your smartphone and beyond. Fortunately, proper stress management skills can help you live a more balanced, happy and healthy life. Let’s start with the idea that not all stress is bad. In small doses, a stressful situation can actually provide extra energy, while keeping us alert and focused during a time of need. However, when the stress dosage passes a certain level, you can become overwhelmed, shut down or lose your ability to respond positively.

Do I need stress management counseling?

Everyone can benefit from learning new stress management techniques. By reducing stress in your everyday life, you can improve your mood, immune system, longevity, productivity and even your sex life.

When you let stress take hold, you increase your risk of dozens of illnesses, including headaches, insomnia, fatigue, heart disease and the common cold. Stress also can contribute to mental conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Through therapy, I can teach you techniques to reduce the effect stress has on your life. An integrated treatment might include traditional individual therapy, meditation, nutritional recommendations and changing thought patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy.

What are the causes of stress?

Stress triggers come in all shapes and sizes, and include:

  • Losing a job
  • Getting a promotion
  • Going through a breakup
  • Getting married
  • Having a child
  • Having a child go off to college … or sleepaway camp
  • Moving
  • Beginning a school year
  • Final exams
  • Experiencing a change in your financial status
  • A death in the family