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Carl Jung

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Carl Gustav Jung was born in Switzerland. The situation was complicated. His older brother had died at just a few days old. His mother suffered from depression, and as a result, she was in and out of his life. These experiences, along with several others from childhood, greatly affected the introverted youth. It is no surprise that he would go on to help others understand how memories, including those we can’t consciously remember, play a determinative role in our lives.

Jung headed off to college intending to study something prestigious. At the time, psychiatry was in its infancy, and it did not have the prestige he desired. Nevertheless, he found himself falling in love with the subject. He decided to study medicine with an emphasis on psychiatry. At one point, he wasn’t sure if he would get through these studies, because his father passed away and left him without any money. However, his extended family came through for him and helped him finish his education.