Couples Counseling

Conflict in a relationship is completely natural

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Even the healthiest of couples experience some degree of conflict in their lives.

The secret is addressing those issues head-on and not letting your less-loving interactions define you. By seeking out couples counseling in San Francisco, you can gain insight into your relationship dynamics, stop conflicts before they start and repair any lingering emotional wounds or traumas.

How Couples Counseling Works

First, we will assess your relationship and work with you to establish meaningful goals. Based on what is learned in those initial sessions, we will create a treatment plan for getting your relationship to a healthier place.

As time goes on, we may modify that plan to ensure that you and your partner are reaching your goals and strengthening your relationship.

The Sex And Anger Connection

Most couples enter couples counseling with the assumption that they need to eliminate conflict from their relationship. The belief is that fighting of any kind is somehow a bellwether of incompatibility.

Commonly, couples who avoid conflict tell their couples therapist, “We don’t fight at all, so I don’t understand why this isn’t working.”

Again, there is a common misconception that the presence of conflict is somehow the indicator of a relationship heading south. This idea could not be further from the truth.

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How to Keep Intimacy Alive

When a relationship is young, it is easy to be excited. A long-term partnership can be just as fantastic.

As time goes on, newness gives way to deeper connection, trust and intimacy. That said, it is too easy to get into a rhythm with a partner that may be efficient but lacks excitement.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to shake up this tendency. Couples who play together stay together, and couples counseling can help.